Industrial Sandblasting & Spray Painting Services

Tpc Surfacing - Industrial Sandblasting Perth | TLC Surface Treatment

Perth Experts in Industrial Spray Painting, Paint Inspection and Sandblasting.

TLC Surface Treatment (TLC) offers a range of quality heavy-duty spray painting and sandblasting services designed to extend the life of your industrial equipment and machinery.

Experienced, highly-trained technicians

In order to ensure the longevity and continued investment value of your large industrial equipment, it requires constant surface maintenance. TLC’s team of specialists has extensive experience in a full range of sandblasting and protective coating systems. All our staff members are fully trained and qualified to NACE 2 level, and each member of our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service. We guarantee prompt turnaround times and outstanding results and finishes.

With TLC’s high quality assurance blasting, treatment and spray paint services, we will overhaul the surfaces on your large and small-scale mining equipment, oil and gas piping, transport frames, service modules, and full-scale structures such as warehouse roofing and silos. This will extend their life span and ensure continued protection against wear and tear.

Specialised services

By using a system of high pressure abrasive blasting, we are able to clean surfaces or prime them for protective coating or painting. This is a specialised service performed by highly-trained technicians with many years’ experience. Contact us for a quote or for more information.

We are able to work on a variety of materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Silver

Contact TLC for professional sandblasting, spray painting and paint inspection services.
Our specialised services include:


Tpc Surfacing - Industrial Sandblasting Perth | TLC Surface Treatment

Paint Inspection Perth

We provide paint inspection services that meet the strict standards required by the mining, commercial and industrial sectors. We take great pride in ensuring that each job is completed correctly making sure that all products brought to us for inspection leave our premises in impeccable condition.

Tpc Surfacing - Industrial Sandblasting Perth | TLC Surface Treatment

Spray Painting Perth

Industrial spray painting is a highly specialised craft that requires specialised equipment and experienced professionals. At TLC Surface Treatment, we provide these services to mining and technical industries that require paint protection for large surface areas. By combining the highest quality materials with expert workmanship, we guarantee you exceptional results every time.

Tpc Surfacing - Industrial Sandblasting Perth | TLC Surface Treatment

Sandblasting Perth

Protect your equipment and other surfaces with professional sandblasting services that Perth businesses have been relying on for years. If you need to clean a surface, prepare it for painting or coating or need to etch something, you will need to sandblast it. This technical skill is performed using specialised sandblasting equipment. We provide sandblasting garnet applications for large and small-scale projects. View our gallery for a better idea of what we can do.